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5/4は「Drum & Bass Takeover BBC Radio1 AND 1Xtra」


いまさらですが「Drum & Bass Takeover」は日本時間5/4の午前3時からだったとのこと。

BBC > Drum & Bass Takeover

日本ではGWがスタートしましたが、イギリスでも5/3は国民の休日(May Day Bank Holiday)です。BBCではドラムンベースのレギュラー番組Radio1と1Xtraがタッグを組んで「Drum & Bass Takeover」というスペシャル番組を放送するとのこと。過去、現在、未来へと拡大し続けるドラムンベース・サウンドを結ぶ記念碑的な特番になりそうです!

The Drum & Bass Takeover
(日本時間:5/4 午前4時~6時)

Zane Lowe and MistaJam co-host with interviews and exclusive tracks from Pendulum, Chase & Status and Sub Focus. They'll also be playing out our must-hear documentary about the history of D&B, 'The Jungle Book'.

The Drum & Bass Review Show with Bailey
(日本時間:5/4 午前6時~8時)

Bailey invites some of the scene's key players to a round table discussion to talk about the scene. Panellists include DJ Storm, MC Tali & Adam F.

The Story Of Drum & Bass with Jaguar Skills
(日本時間:5/4 午前8時~10時)

BBC Radio 1 Stories presents one hour and who knows how many tracks - Jaguar Skills applies his magic to the drum and bass genre to provide the ultimate history lesson.

Drum & Bass Masters
(日本時間:5/4 午前10時~12時)

Our Radio 1 and 1Xtra D&B champions Fabio, Grooverider, Bailey and Crissy Criss come together for a special show featuring their top MCs.

The Best of Drum & Bass on Radio 1 & 1Xtra
(日本時間:5/4 午前12時~午後1時)

Annie Mac relives the best D&B bits from the past year on 1Xtra and Radio 1.

The Club Mixes
(日本時間:5/4 午後1時~午後3時)

Four D&B heavyweights take to the decks for 30 minutes each - featuring sets from Sub Focus, Alix Perez, Doc Scott and Ed Rush & Optical

The Story Of Pendulum
(日本時間:5/4 午後3時~午後5時)

Hear the history of the band from their grass roots to the world dominators they've become in our in-depth documentary.

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